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About Depression

Feeling down from time to time is common, but if ongoing sadness negatively affects your day-to-day life, see the specialists at Restoring Foundations Psychiatric Counseling Center in Dover, Delaware. Highly trained mental health specialist Dr. Rosemarie White, PMHNP-BC, and her staff provide treatments for depression that lead to peace and joy. Schedule a mental health evaluation by phone or online today.

Depression Q & A

What is depression? 

Depression is a mental health concern that causes severe or chronic (ongoing) sadness. It’s caused by numerous factors and can lead to problems at work, in relationships, or at school when not addressed. If you’ve lost hope and can’t find happiness on your own, see the Restoring Foundations Psychiatric Counseling Center specialists for an evaluation.


What are the symptoms of depression?


Depression can cause the following symptoms:

  • Feeling hopeless or worthless

  • Long-lasting or extreme sadness

  • Anxiousness

  • Loss of interest in favorite things

  • Feeling worthless, helpless, or guilty

  • Irritability

  • Frustration

  • Continuous pessimism

  • Fatigue

  • Varying sleep patterns

  • Changes in body weight or appetite

  • Substance misuse

  • Difficulty concentrating 

  • Physical aches and pains

  • Thoughts of suicide or suicide attempts

Your symptoms may be situational and fade over time or be constant and severe. Anytime depression interferes with your quality of life or causes thoughts of suicide, see your mental health provider.


What increases my risk of depression?


The exact cause of depression isn’t always known, but its risk factors include:

  • Personal or family history of depression

  • Loss of a loved one

  • Past trauma

  • Financial challenges

  • Job loss

  • Divorce or breakup

  • Medical conditions 

  • Anxiety

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Grief 

  • Unhealthy lifestyle habits

  • Substance abuse

Depression can sometimes appear without a known cause. If it lingers or becomes debilitating, seek help. 


How is depression diagnosed?


Diagnosing depression involves a review of your medical history and a psychiatric evaluation. Your mental health specialist asks about your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, lifestyle habits, symptoms, and more. They personalize a treatment plan that’s best suited to your unique situation. 


How is depression treated?


Treating depression depends on its cause and severity. Your mental health specialist might suggest one or more of the following treatments:


Lifestyle changes


Altering your lifestyle to treat depression may include eating healthy foods, maintaining an ideal weight, minimizing stress, exercising regularly, getting plenty of sleep, and maintaining a strong social support network. 


Medication management


Taking medications can silence depressive thoughts and help you achieve emotional balance. Your mental health specialist helps you properly manage depression medications to regain happiness and a better quality of life. 




Restoring Foundations Psychiatric Counseling Center offers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other forms of psychotherapy to overcome problematic behaviors and thoughts. Your therapist might meet with you individually, as a couple, or with your family. 


Schedule a depression evaluation at Restoring Foundations Psychiatric Counseling Center by calling the office or using the online booking tab today.

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